About us

BUSS Roof Plumbing is a privately owned and operated company, with operations in Perth and the greater metro areas. We are specialist roof plumbers with over 25 years’ experience in the roofing industry. Our operations team have worked on all types of buildings – residential, commercial and industrial. Our roof specialist’s extensive knowledge of all things roofing is second to none.

BUSS are proud to employ Australian Defense Force veterans.

Everyone at BUSS Roof Plumbing is passionate about safety
BUSS Roof Plumbing is a safety-focused company and will execute all works in conjunction with our internal safety reviews and in alignment with all relevant and applicable safety practices, procedures and standards. BUSS Roof Plumbing perform all works in accordance with our internal quality and environmental management systems.
BUSS Roof Plumbing are industry leading contractors with stringent standards
BUSS Roof Plumbing strives at all times to achieve our philosophy of Do it once, Do it properly!

Australian Owned and Operated

If you’re looking for an industry leading contractor with stringent standards in quality and reliability, BUSS is your answer.

Over 25 years industry experience

With two decades of experience in the construction industry, the BUSS team have been involved with some of WA’s most recognised companies.