Gutter and Downpipes Replacements

When do Gutters and Downpipes need to be replaced?

Keeping up with building or home maintenance and knowing when it is time to replace your gutters and downpipes is important. Without proper drainage, there is a greater risk of roof leaks, roof damage and greater costing repairs due to what will be an apparent build-up of water ingress, debris and other natural elements.

Sometimes budget doesn’t permit full replacement of gutters or downpipes. However, like with other wear and tear items, replacement is always better than repair. While repairs can fix an immediate problem, likelihood is that it will only mask it for a certain period of time depending on the level of damage.


    Common signs of needing to replace the gutters and downpipes

    The main downfall is leaving the gutters and downpipes untreated once a deficiency is noticed. Leaving them will only increase the damage and end up costing more as time passes and more work is needed.


    Remove any fungal growth from the Colorbond roof and guttering. Fungal growth can spread and cause further deterioration of Colorbond roofing.

    Leaking Gutters and Pipes

    When gutters and downpipes begin leaking it is a clear sign that replacement is required. Often a leak can start small but then, when left untreated, can become an ongoing problem.


    Discolouration has different degrees of damage; slight discolouration is only at early stages of damage. Darker discolouration indicates more significant damage.

    Sagging gutters

    Over a period of time, gutters can sag due to backed up water, debris, changes in temperatures and intense winds. Most sagging gutters either need replacing or by re-installing fasteners that hold them in place.

    Broken or loose fixings

    Like with sagging gutters, broken or loose fixings are often caused by backed up water, debris, temperature changes and effects of the natural elements.

    Staining of the eaves lining

    Staining can be caused by insufficient cleaning, continuous dampness or heavy plantation/overhanging trees. Repairs will vary based on the degree of damage.

    Nature – the relationship with gutters and downpipes.

    By their very nature, gutters and downpipes are there to guide the water flow away from a building and not let it pool. However, due to natural debris build-ups, such as leaves, twigs and loose litter, there is a need to have them cleaned. Additional to natural debris build-up, air conditioners, such as evaporative coolers, are known for leaking onto the roof sheets and consequently into the gutters. This water is highly corrosive as the water is saline (contains salt). This will cause gutters and downpipes to rust at a faster rate than normal.

    Coastal areas are another factor as to why gutter and downpipe maintenance is needed. This is due to the highly corrosive salt sea spray resting in gutters and downpipes for extended periods of time, resulting in quicker rusting rates than more inland areas. This directly affects warranties on materials, such as Colorbond. There are Colorbond products of material that are specifically made for coastal areas. This product is called ColorbondUltra. This high grade of Colorbonding is due to extensive layering protection.


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