2 Douglas Avenue, South Perth


Council of Owners

1. prior to works


2 Douglas Ave is a single-story apartment block situated on the South Perth foreshore overlooking the Swan River and boasting city views.

The existing roof of the structure was displaying evidence of extensive leaking, causing widespread water damage to the internal areas of the apartment units. The Council of Owners approached BUSS Roof Plumbing to provide a quote to replace the defective roof with a new Colorbond roof.

In October 2019, BUSS Roof Plumbing’s Senior Roof Plumber completed an inspection of the roofing structure and was able to offer several design recommendations. His recommendations would ensure future water-tightness of the structure with an aesthetically pleasing finish. The Council of Owners accepted the recommendations and engaged BUSS Roof Plumbing to complete the works.

The existing roof, which was slightly curved, prevented the penetrations from being dry pan flashed and therefore allowing water to penetrate. To solve this issue BUSS’ roof plumbers worked with a builder on site to construct and design 2 new roof battens at the high point of the roof line. This allowed for the installation of dry pan flashings to all the roof penetrations, ensuring total water tightness.

The existing skylights were raised above the roof line, thus permitting water ingress due to silicone breakdown. BUSS Roof Plumbing removed the external skylights and replaced them with Ampelite Gel Coat Wonderglass (fibreglass) sheeting. This was designed to match the new roof sheet profile providing water tightness as well as 99% UV block out. As well as making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye as there are now no external penetrations visible.

2. mid works

Figure 1: Roof works midway

3. completed works

Figure 2: Works at completion



Dylan Kavanagh


  • Works successfully completed to schedule and within budget.
  • BUSS worked cohesively with multiple trade contractors who were undertaking other works on site.


2 Douglas Ave, South Perth