Roof Anchoring Perth

Roof safety

It is not a surprise that working on roofs comes with risks from being at a dangerous height. This is why roof anchors are used. They are a great tool to ensure that workers remain safely harnessed in and risk of injury from fall is significantly decreased.

All workers are entitled to have a safe work area irrespective of if that is on the ground or at height. Furthermore, as a business owner, property owner or part of a property management team, you could be criminally liable if the roof safety is not compliant to Australian standards.

A roof anchor point is commonly used with other personal protective equipment, such as a harness and lanyard. There are both fixed and temporary anchor points and not all anchor points work the same (they are job specific – what is used when abseiling, for example, is not the same as what is used for working on roofs).


    How to choose your roof anchors?

    As BUSS Roof Plumbers specialise in all aspects of roofing, we can assist in recommendation and installation of appropriate roof anchors to meet the necessary safety requirements and job specifics.

    Traditionally, a temporary roof anchor is only used for one off jobs. Any work that is ongoing, such as yearly roof maintenance, it is strongly recommended by the BUSS Roof Plumbing team that there are fixed roof anchors installed that are specifically tailored to your roofing conditions.

    The BUSS Roof Plumbing team are one of the installers for SafetyLink (roof anchors). They have specialty anchor products. There are different types of roof anchors that are used for different purposes, the type of roof anchor you will require, will depend on the structure itself.


    Froglink’s are best used on metal roofs and are energy absorbing and fast/simple to install.


    A Ladderlink is used as the fixed entry point system for height safety. Designed to stabilise a ladder being placed against the structure.


    Retrolink’s are for use on C or Z Pulin. It fits the pan of roof sheeting.


    Surfacelink’s are solely used on metal roofs. They are adjustable in design to fit a roofs profile.


    Tilelink’s are solely used for tile roofs. They are also energy absorbing and are a fast/simple roof anchor installation.


    With innovative fall protection available, SafetyLink are BUSS Roof Plumber’s go to for fall protection products.


    BUSS Roof Plumbing has roof specialists with over 25 years’ experience in the roof plumbing and repairs industry. With hands-on experience and expertise for roof anchoring, BUSS Roof Plumbing services can assist with any ongoing roofing problems you are experiencing. BUSS Roof Plumber’s pride themselves on offering cost-effective solutions, a strong eye for detail, minimum disturbances during repairs and permanent roofing solutions. For more information about our roof anchoring services in Perth, call (08) 6460 7904.